Prescription painkillers and heroin are sedative analgesics that are highly addictive. By selectively targeting opioid receptors in the brain, these drugs not only relieve pain by deadening nerve endings but also induce incredible sensations of euphoria, drowsiness and numbness that fuels the addiction. Heroin and painkillers stimulate the reward centers in the brain by increasing hormones that regulate mood, emotion and attention. When taken long enough, opiates create an addiction when the brain comes to depend on euphoric sensations and chemical functioning in the brain becomes severely abnormal.

Kratom (Mitragynia speciosa korth) is a Southeast Asian medicinal herb used by millions of people for relief of chronic pain and to self-manage withdrawal from opioids. Research into Kratom's efficacy for treating a variety of medical conditions--including heroin addiction and withdrawal and pain pill withdrawal--has intensified in the past few years as more and more opiate addicts report the benefits of Kratom in helping them overcome opiate withdrawal.

Scientists have discovered over 20 phytochemicals in Kratom that exhibit beneficial bioactivity in the brain and body. Active chemicals in Kratom include:

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

For opioid users who have been addicted to their drug of choice for more than six months, withdrawal symptoms will begin within 24 to 48 hours of taking the last dose. They may be mild at first but rapidly worsen as the brain's chemistry becomes more dysregu lated. It is almost impossible for an opiate addict to successfully beat an addiction by going "cold turkey". Inevitably, the symptoms become unbearable, cravings increase in intensity and the addict cannot resist resuming his or her habit.

Kratom can help relieve withdrawal symptoms. Body aches, restless leg syndrome, excessive perspiration, fever, agitation, congestion, fatigue, irritablity and more importantly, the chronic pain condition that originally forced the addict to seek relief in the form of prescription pain killers or by self-medication via illegal street opiates.

Enjoy Freedom from Addiction and Improved Health with Kratom

Kratom not only helps overcome an opiate addiction but also enhances overall health and well-being so that relapse is avoided and recovery is successfully completed. When chronic pain is eliminated,users are able to engage in regular physical activity without experienc-ing stiffness and limited range of motion. Taken at higher doses, Kratom has a remarkably relaxing effect that relieves the agitation, anxiety and depression associated with opioid withdrawal. At lower doses, it ener gizes the mind and body so that users can concentrate on and finish tasks at hand instead of being troubled by cravings or debilitated by adverse effects of chronic drug use.

Ongoing research is now investigating the amazing medicinal properties of Kratom and making new discoveries every day regarding its beneficial alkaloids and ability to treat many different health issues. With opioid addiction now at global epidemic levels and traditional treatments proving to be ineffectual, Kratom represents a safe, natural and powerful remedy for overcoming a heroin or pain pill addiction without spending thousands of dollars on an expensive rehabilitation center, therapy sessions or hospital in-patient treatment. If you are struggling with an opioid addiction, try Kratom today and discover what other recovering addicts have freedom from addiction.